• What do you mean by 'fixed'? Many factors contribute to the world economy if that's what you're talking about. This virus has caused the death of more than just people. The world economy has only begun to suffer what will follow. But it was a choice between allowing businesses to operate and the economy to prosper or to keep people safe, and 'the people' also had choices to make. You have to do what you feel is the right thing to do. Virus aside the US economy was definitely improving under Trump. But its not just about the sitting president. Many factors are involved.
  • Don't be silly. Trump can't even fix his hair. He was taking credit for Obama fixing the economy before, but has well and truly lost all that wind now,
  • I don't know what that even means. The economy is a vast system. How broken it is is really a matter of personal belief. Trump's influence has inarguably changed the economy in some ways, but other influences outside of Trump's control were more profound.😉

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