• He was very “fleshy’.. no
  • He gets a lot of credit for the economy, although it's congress, not the president, that decides economic policy. I think he'll mostly be remembered for abusing that intern, lying to congress about abusing that intern, covering up those transactions, and botching his administration's handling of that cult in Texas.
  • He was better than Trump.
  • "It depends upon what the meaning of the word 'is' is." Hahaha. Classic politician's answer. I don't think he was terrible, but he had quite a few issues during his time in office. The real blessing? His 'ol lady STILL ain't President.
    • Linda Joy
      She's running for vice pres knowing if she can't get elected she'll get it any way she can! Biden is loosing it mentally, and I wouldn't put it past the Clinton machine to kill him! Real risky stepping out to endorse the only candidate left!
    • Archie Bunker
      Do you really think Grope-y Joe has a chance?
  • He did a few things well. But I don't think he was a good man. Then again all I know is what the press reports so we only know what they tell us. But from what I understand it was Bill Clinton that signed the immigration law into effect that was blamed on Trump. And I saw a segment on video where Obama was asked if he was aware of the way the children were being treated and he didn't lift a finger to change the law. Trump said he'd do away with the law and they bitched about that, too! Frankly, I think we need strong national security, and covid only makes that more obvious in my opinion. Everyone needs to be screened and background checked. And illegal immigrants need to be sent back home until they can enter legally.

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