• I was trying to think how to research this
  • It depends on the person. If the king is a hands on guy, he might take charge and direct his forces. If he's not, he might hide in the cellar with the women and let the real men fight.
  • You mean in modern times? Medieval times? When? Also where? When you are the king, you can transmit orders however you please. Also, medieval castles (you know, the times of swords and shields) were mostly not as large as you probably think. The average medieval lord's castle was 2-3 rooms and they were lucky if they had an outer wall to protect the surrounding area. The lord himself would undoubtedly be the main person defending the castle. The king was more or less the biggest baddest lord in the region- the one to whom other lords owed their fiefdom. If the king's castle was under attack, the king himself would be the active leader of the defense. If one of the king's lord's castles was under attack, the king would plan either to allow the lord to defend the castle himself or perhaps send an army to attempt to drive off the invaders. Moving toward the modern era, castles became much bigger, but they still aren't anything like in the movies. A more modern king would likely delegate more power to his generals or viscounts and be less active in planning and participating in battle.

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