• Despite the impeachment inquiry, many people predict it will help Trump in 2020. Just like all the criticism he received in his 2016 campaign: it only helped him win the presidential election.
  • All depends on who will run against him during the election.
  • I think he will. You can't argue with the numbers.
  • I think so. The democrats haven't shown up with anyone that could beat him. They lack any kind of coherent strategy to win over voters other than promising people free stuff and saying they're gonna get rid of Trump.
  • No one can tell the future. Right now (Dec 2019) Trump's approval rating is fairly dismal and his disapproval rating is fairly high. The Democrats don't have a clear frontrunner in the primaries. Very few Americans are ready to vote for a third party. Joe Biden polls well against Trump, but so did Hilary Clinton, and those two share quite a few similarities: former Obama administration (Obama will not be remembered as a good president), attached to controversies, considered "establishment" politicians in a party that is eager for change, etc. I think that, based on current projections, if Biden runs against Trump, Biden will win the popular vote, but Trump will win the electoral vote. But Biden is polling worse in Iowa and New Hampshire than his opponents, so he could conceivably lose momentum very quickly in the primaries. Warren and Sanders will probably do even better with the popular vote, but, even worse with the electoral vote, since they are more unpopular in swing districts. The other candidates don't poll well against Trump, so they don't really stand any chance, currently. There is also the mess of the impeachment, which can't help Trump's popularity, but also will likely hurt Democrats in the long run. And, if voter turnout is poor for the general election, it helps Trump's chances of re-election. At any point between now and November, Trump might say or do something else to further anger the public, and any of the Democrat's options might have a stroke or a heart attack (they are all older than average presidential candidates). It's just too early to tell.
  • I hope not. Electing him as President is like putting a shark in charge of a swimming pool.

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