• If you get good grades in secondary school, and go into an in-demand field of study, you can get all kinds of scholarships to offset the cost of education. If you got B's and C's and scored a 900 on your SAT and want to study art history, then, no, you won't have any opportunities to go to college. But what case do you make that someone like that SHOULD get their higher education paid for by taxpayers? Does someone like that contribute value to society equal to the expense to the taxpayer? How likely is someone like that to finish their studies anyway? Do you have any statistics to support your opinions?
    • Archie Bunker
      Or join the military. They'll pay for college. To your point, if that's done, one will contribute value to society and will get something in return. Even trade.
  • AGAIN YOU LIE!! pay for it yourself!
  • Nope. You're just carrying on with the "oh, woe is me" BS. If you're a failure, instead of blaming others, look in the mirror.
  • Get a Job:
  • Did 100% of that 1 percentile attend college? Is a college education the key to success? Can college teach someone to have a strong work ethic, determination and perseverance? I value honest, hard working people with a positive attitude. It’s difficult to train & work with people who feel entitled due to their education, background, gender, culture etc.

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