• 1. Just One God... Ain't Nuthin' Before Him 2. Watch Yer Mouth 3. Git Yourself To Sunday Meetin' 4. Honor Yer Ma And Pa 5. No Killin' 6. No Foolin' Around with Another Feller's Gal 7. Don't Take What Ain't Yers 8. No Tellin' Tales Or Gossipin' 9. Don't Be Wantin' Yer Neighbor's Place 10. Don't Be Hankerin' Fer Yer Buddy's Stuff
    • Linda Joy
      I love it!
    • Wakko
      I found those online about 14 years ago, they're called the cowboy ten commandments.
  • yes, i know what they are
  • Sure. One thing I have to hand to the SDA and LDS denominations is that they haven't forgotten about keeping the Sabbath holy, whereas other denominations have gotten pretty lazy about that one. In the New Testament, Jesus defended Himself for teaching and healing on the Sabbath, as it was holy work He was doing, and some Christian sects have interpreted that to mean that they can work overtime, go shopping, or do whatever they want on the Sabbath.
    • Linda Joy
      This question was inspired by a conversation with my neighbor. He didn't know it was one of The Ten Commandments. I've been criticized and shamed publically on several occasions because I wouldn't work on Sunday. I've also walked 3 miles before getting a ride to work in the dark hours of a Monday morning because I had to do inventory and weekly paperwork before opening the restaurant that morning. And it was a county road and not much traffic in the wee hours on a Monday morning! But this was an extreme situation because of vehicle issues and I had to hitchhike to work and back for about a month.

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