• I'm concerned about illegal immigrants bringing alot of things, not just the measles. Illegals need to be sent back if they actually make it here, but we need to ensure that they don't.
    • Linda Joy
      I agree, and I'm a little disappointed Trump hasn't done better in this area. But overall I support him.
    • Wakko
      They're entering by the tens of thousands every month. This is where all this shit is coming from.
    • Wakko
      Spread the word, free healthcare if you're a river rat.
    • Archie Bunker
      In California now, they're gonna get MediCal. And they're gonna want federal funds to pay for it since California isn't gonna be able to foot the bill themselves. And AOC and Talib wanna pay them to sit on their asses, while the working people keep working to pay for it all.
  • i try not to think about it
    • Linda Joy
      I'm going to ask my doctor if I need additional immunization, but I'm not going to worry about it.
  • Me and my family have had our shots were not idiots so we have no worries
    • Linda Joy
      So you are aware of who needs boosters.
  • Are any American tourists being infected with these contagious diseases? If so, what countries have they visited? I read an article about a man from Israel who unknowingly brought the measles and exposed several Jewish communities to the disease. Is that the illegal immigrant that you are referring to? He flew here legally. How does someone’s political status affect their exposure to disease? Should Americans be asked to leave foreign countries because of our reputation for being violent, obese, entitled or opioid dependent? No, of course not, because it would be wrong to generalize an entire population based on the news stories that the government regulated tv stations choose to report. We have to treat each other with the same dignity and respect that we would like to receive (Matthew 7:12). Look up “Michigan’s Patient Zero”.
    • Linda Joy
      We show dignity and respect by getting vaccinated and not spreading diseases to others. And by following proper screening procedures designed to stop the spread of disease. That's what the proper legal channels of entering a country are all about - screening those coming in to protect its citizens from disease and criminal activity by screening out those who would harm us, intentionally or unawares. I was not citing any specific case, just addressing the threat in general. And its not US travelers but american citizens here at home to whom I was referring. But any threat is valid when people don't immunize. Whether measles or TB or any other disease. I wasn't aware people even had political status. But whether or not they are here legally is not a humane issue or one of dignity or respect. Its a CRIMINAL ISSUE. And God's laws regarding CRIMINALS are much more severe than ours, don't you agree? Do you really think God would condone criminals running wild as they please throughout Israel? Or his Christian flock? Matthew 7:12 very specifically states this is addressed to "The lease of these MY BRETHREN" not 'any criminal that wishes to cause trouble' And please my sister quote to me what God says we should do with THE CRIMINALS?
    • LizzyP
      Oh, I thought your concern was for the spread of diseases. Infectious diseases can be spread through rats, mosquitoes, spinach,air, water... basically, anything and everything. The book of Leviticus explains God’s view regarding travel and quarantine. He set standards for hygiene and gave specific instructions the help minimize the spread disease. We obviously can’t stop diseases from spreading. God also made stipulations the treatment of foreign residents, he did not use the term “illegal criminals”. Were the chicken pox brought here by uninvited, unvaccinated, illegal criminals who intentionally infected an entire race of people with the deadly disease? No, they are referred to as “English settlers”. As long as we continue to live in this system, we will have sickness, pestilence, violence, delinquency, etc. It exists in every country, within every culture and on every social level. We have to blame the originator of these horrible things, not humans (1 John 5:19).
    • Linda Joy
      This question is about my concern regarding the spread of measles in particular. "We obviously can’t stop diseases from spreading." Of course we can! By getting immunized! How do you think small pox was eradicated? And screening and immunizing people is not issuing blame its actually helping them as well as us. But criminals sneak in and we are ALL AT RISK because of it. Yeah its great to welcome guests that come to us legally, but sneaking your crusty diseased illegal ass in under the fence is dangerous for everyone who lives here including all those who went through the proper channels. Do you think God is going to let ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS into his perfect Heaven or only those that use the proper gate? Even God doesn't approve of illegal immigrants! And He is not going to let anyone without the proper credentials in! In your heart you know this is true.
    • Linda Joy
      In Leviticus it says anyone who is unclean has to stay outside the city gates. Yeah, even the greatest of these our brethren!
  • Nope. I'm more concerned about Americans spreading measles, black plague and other vaccinatable diseases to other countries.
  • Measles is more common in the USA than it is in Mexico or central america:
    • Linda Joy
      Well, NOW it is! "Measles was declared eliminated (absence of continuous disease transmission for greater than 12 months) from the United States in 2000."
    • jshm22
      Nope the CDC was wrong in their assessment. Also it's anti-vaxxers - not immigrants - that are spreading the disease. You're just trying to justify your racist attitudes, Linda. I'm disappointed in you as I thought you a better person than that.
    • Archie Bunker
      How is illegal immigration about race? Mexican is a nationality, not a race.
    • Linda Joy
      You lie Jism! And I've known you are a liar for a long time!! I'm not racist. I'm against American anti-vaxxers as well. And I've never claimed to be a good person. And just because I ask a question doesn't mean I agree with it. But it was illegal immigrants who brought TB back to the US.
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      According to another CDC source, there were 86 cases of measles in the USA in 2000: - none of those were reportedly linked to central american importation.
  • i try not to think about it but i hope it dont come back
  • I am more concerned with the anti-vaxers but they are not as much fun to attack because they are usually white.

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