• Spring and then summer. Because everyone here has air conditioning. And the pool is right next door. So I'll be glad when the pool opens. I just wish they'd open it a week or two before the kids get out of school, and leave it open a little longer. Either that or leave it open later, like when the kids are in bed. We have security anyway.
  • surnrner, no snow
  • Here in Northeastern Vermont, we only have three seasons: Winter, Mud-season, and Tourist-season. Tourist-season is when the weather is decent, the outdoors look like a Hallmark greeting card or a finished nature puzzle, and the locals are all happy from the money coming into the area. Winter is the worst - it's so cold it hurts your eyes (sometimes -40 degrees), everything breaks down and the economy falls apart from everyone spending everything they have to try to keep the house survivably warm.

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