• Congrats or Condolences, whichever you both choose.
    • Wakko
      Since she cloned me, I figure she must think she's a pimple on my butt. :P
    • lavender
    • Linda Joy
      I'm a much bigger irritation than just a pimple, or else I'm loosing my edge! hahaha!
  • I got it annulled on account of I slept all day yesterday and don't remember a thing! Maybe I was rufied, but I don't remember enough to press charges or anything. I mean he IS WAKKO after all, and I'm on medication, so...
    • Wakko
      Meds, eh? That's explains a lot. :P
    • mushroom
      Intoxication is grounds in Alabama, so there's that.
    • Roaring
      I see you found your heart Linda Joy ; )
    • Linda Joy
      Wakko - more than you know! mushroom - the only thing I drank was water and a protein shake! Roaring - I get frustrated, but y'all are family.

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