• i just dont buy a lot
  • I shop early in the morning, before the crazy housewives are let loose. I have also noticed that they are not present early Sunday morning in particular.
    • Linda Joy
      I also noticed 2-4 am is a slow time, but probably not convenient for most. And when school lets out. They're all at school. But traffic can be difficult at that time.
    • lavender
      I used to do my shopping around 6 am, but since moving to this town, I have learned it's not safe at that hour, especially on a Saturday morning, sadly.
  • Honey, that train done left the station! But it has nothing to do with grocery shopping. I never really thought about it being difficult until my body started falling apart. I just always did it. I used to shop once a week when the boys were home. Now I usually shop once or twice a month. Since my challenges are probably different from yours why don't you tell me which part is difficult for you? Maybe we can give you some pointers.
  • Self-control, lots of it.
  • Leaving a full shopping cart full of groceries in an aisle and leaving the store and just going home
  • If I get too cagey I leave a shopping cart of stuff and leave the store.

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