• Here's just a couple things: - When leaving one country be sure and exchange ALL your local currency before leaving. - Pick-pockets are just about everywhere outside the US and you will definitely be a target. Front pocket of blue jeans is NOT a deterrent for pick-pockets. Invest in a money belt (many different kinds). - We love Hop-on, Hop-off busses to tour larger cities. - European citiy hotels charge a lot to park a vehicle and it is usually stack parked somewhere and not available for day to day use. - When leaving a hotel in a city to walk around or explore, always take the hotel business card. Taxi drivers can read the business card even if they don't speak English. - Triple check hotel rooms before leaving, it is VERY easy to leave stuff behind. - Use the safe in hotel rooms and leave your passport in it. Carry with you a photocopy of your passport (leave the real thing in the safe). - Clothes: see Rick Steve recommendations and everything must be "quick dry" to wash out (shampoo is OK) because hotel laundry is usually very expensive. - Use ATMs to get money from large banks for better exchange rate. Street ATMs are in full view of thieves. One person should watch people near by while the other person uses the machine. - Order international use of cell phones before leaving and you will probably need much more than minimums. GPS is fantastic internationally but uses a lot of data. - Forget getting any souvenirs (nobody wants them) and use the camera in your phone, don't bring a camera. - Duty free shops are a good place for booze.
  • they probably have never done it or dont know anything about it
  • I'll tell you everything you want to know.
  • the exchange of currency
  • The lines at security/passport checks.
  • When firstly visited Canada, I didn't know many things. It Remember that I was shocked of many facts which I didn't put in mind before I travel there. Like the health service, one of the worst in a country pretend to be developed. And also another points which I will let for your link in case you are planning to live in Canada one day
    • Thinker
      I have to somewhat disagree with you. I lived in Canada and was a landed immigrant there. In some areas the medical is not that efficient but otherwise it is good. I had to have some stitches once before I had O.H.I.P. and went to the ER. I was seen by a doctor who put 3 stiches in my forehead. Two weeks later I went back to the ER to have them removed. My total bill was $349.00 CD. When I had returned to the states a wrench slipped and I split my lip. I went to the "out clinic" where they put one stich in my lip that came out about an hour later. My bill for that was $8000.00 USD. I was in and out of the ER in an hour but in the states I was in the clinic nearly 4 hours. Don't tell me how bad medical is in Canada, it isn't perfect but it sure as hell beats the USA.
  • One thing all Americans need to know about traveling in foreign countries is, Americans are hated but tolerated because they bring in money. Americans tend to have the attitude, "I am an American, so it is your duty to wait on me hand and foot and to kiss my ass." That attitude has caused many problems with Americans in foreign countries.

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