• I gave her a hanging basket of flowers.
  • I sent flowers, but now that you mention it, I probably should give her a call.
  • wish i could but both my parents are gone
  • That would be an awesome trick.
  • I can't as her ashes are in one of the columns in her church in Colo. Springs, Colorado and I live in Texas. I don't think there are any phone lines into that column. She might be busy mingling with some of the men's ashes there and I wouldn't want to disturb them!
  • Too late.
  • No, she's dead. I usually thank my daughter in law for having my grandson but I don't know where she is this year. I also thank several mother type figures in my life and those that are just inspirational Mother's to me I wished my daughter a happy Mother's Day and I comforted a friend who no longer has his mother with him.

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