• i spend a lot of time on yahoo answers helping kids with their family problems, hopefully thats benifited the next generation
    • Linda Joy
      Miss you, sweetie! Wish you'd pop in and let us know you're still alive and well. I hope you got a job that's keeping you busy!
  • I just had to put a new electric water heater in and sacrificed my neurological and my back pain that started with 1998 surgery. I don't think it would benefit any generation. Heah heah heah for real. Just as well laugh as to cry.
    • Linda Joy
      do you mean you sacrificed your pain medication? I'd gladly give up my pain for free!
    • Rick Myres
      Nope, drs think I deserve the pain because I had surgery.
    • Linda Joy
      My drs aren't like that, but they don't give out pain meds since the overdose epidemic.
  • Good question Linda Joy. I think my influence on my nieces and nephews shows in how they relate to their children, That there's much more to life than work, and time-with family more valuable than gold. My sacrifice is having no children of my own, and that we all can potentially be happy with very little.
    • Linda Joy
      was it an intentional sacrifice or did it just turn out that way?
  • Who knows.
    • Linda Joy
      That's so true as well. You never know when a seed you plant one day may grow in a fertile mind, like the parable of the seed. I remember struggling for 30 minutes to explain something I thought was simple and obvious to a special needs student and then finally they said "Oh! Now I get it!" and you wanna do your happy dance that all that work finally helped them! I know you've been a good example to me by living what you claim to follow at least in your words here, and I believe them sincere. So, if that's the case, those you live with must see the same. If they have you have definitely benefitted the next generation in your house with a good example. I wish I had known more of the gospel when my son was young. I did a little better with the grandson for the time I was allowed with him. But there are children everywhere looking for guidance. You never know where you can be an influence one way or another and if you're not being a good one you're being a bad one! I learned a lot that way, too!
  • Combat veteran and 20 years in law enforcement and it's probably all wasted on those who come behind me. I don't believe this generation gives a damn about anyone but themselves. The "Greatest Generation" is long gone in their eyes and they're all about "gettin' what's mine" as long as someone else is paying for it.
    • Linda Joy
      Such pessimism! I'm optimistic. My son is out there getting things to where they need to be, helping the world go 'round! Sure he's doing it for the bucks, but there's noting wrong with getting paid for a job well done! And I fed my community for years, and provided customer service. I'd like to think my sacrifices helped others. Yours did too! People like you are the reason I didn't grow up in a war zone in addition to the other challenges I faced in my life. I never had to worry about rioting in my childhood, or any of the other horrors our children face today. Thank you for all of your service. It did make my life a safer place to live.

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