• why not?
  • You can't actively dislike being happy, it's physically improbable and mentally impossible. Also I don't get the impression you're a particularly mean person, to not want someone else to be happy.
  • Then you're miserable. Our overall happiness is influenced by numerous factors, ranging from work-related and personal stressors to environmental circumstances.
  • Everyone is entitled to their own happiness whether you like it or not. Negativity gets you nowhere in life. Nobody should stoop to your level. Just because you’re not happy doesn’t mean everyone else should not be happy. Everyone is entitled to their own feelings and that each of us should not be dragging each other down with negative views. Mental health is important but to expect others to not feel happy is wrong meaning you are miserable to be around with. Obviously you have certain personal issues that need to be addressed and once your problem is resolved, you would not be expecting people around you to be unhappy.

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