• not really, i never drink, drinking is whats horrible cause it gets you into trouble
  • Nah, concentrate on your responsibilities.
  • Yes, because we need the ability to drink liquids to keep ourselves hydrated
  • No. I've had to go off alcohol now and then for medical reasons, and I've survived. I do look forward to my regular end-of-the-day glasses of wine and miss them when I can't have them, but I am not a big partier and never was. If life is horrible for YOU when you can't drink, that suggests that you may be suffering from depression and have been self-medicating with alcohol.
  • after my uncle Jimmy got dementia my nana used to say Jimmy is no good he cant drink anymore. Yes uncle Jimmy had no idea who his children were in the end. My grandmother lived till the age of 92 she was still drinking well on her 90th birthday all her friends she used to piss on with died 30 years before her she ran out of people to drink with.
  • Not really.I got by for 20 years so far. No one left to drink with.😎
  • Not really; it's just different and maybe a little boring, but that is all up to you to challenge. I burned out on drinking when younger, so when I got pancreatitis, quitting drinking was just a nice thing.
  • No, eliminating alcohol can seem daunting, but it can lead to many positive outcomes.

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