• never heard of that
  • It means answerbag took your question and you'll probably never see it again. Rarely they will show back up later but you've probably lost it for good and may as well ask it again you may want to word it differently it maybe something you said they didn't like. Was it spam, offensive, duplicate, nonsense, or in the wrong category? I saw one question that asked how to buy a man at the lowest price and it was removed. I asked a question once what do you buy more of when you know you already have plenty it was removed during a Spam attack I think on accident. I once asked where do babies come from and that was removed. They've taken about a dozen of mine.
    • Rick Myres
      That's a real bummer.
  • I posted a joke that for some reason there was some negative responses. I explained the joke to one who did not get it. After the negativity I reported my joke and it was finally removed. But my explanation is still here and I can read it at my profile but after I click it I am directed to the page saying "Queuied For spidering." Oh I must be one bad spider just in time for Halloween.

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