• If a person is terminally ill, it should be their right not to suffer in pain to the end.
  • kind of depending on whats going on in your life, if youre suffering you shouldnt have to be here, i dont believe in killing yourself cause you could botch things up and make your life even worse, ive heard of people shooting themselves in the head and ending up blind, thats not worth it, but if a doctor did it that would be a different story, they put animals out of their misery so i dont see why they cant do it with people
  • 7-26-2017 The more important question is whether lawmakers should be allowed to pretend that they have the power of life and death.
  • You kind of answered this yourself in the comments is it divinely appointed yes, You do have a responsibility here and will not die till it's completed. To check out early only means a worse ending in short give it 20 years and it will be all over.

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