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  • Why does everything have to be like Facebook ? Many of us think the place sucks and want nothing to do with it. If it's your question or answer - you can already see who liked it. If everyone can see who likes your questions and answers then you'd be giving the trolls/perverts other targets for their attacking pleasure. Why would you want to do that ? P.S. I see you have attracted a new troll. The more you talk to him - the longer he will annoy you & the rest of us. Don't feed the trolls.
    • Linda Joy
      I'm not especially fond of FB either. I was just using it for comparison purposes. You've raised a valid point. Thank you. My my thoughts were more along the lines of like the same kind of music that I like or who like the same answer that I like Hugs
    • Ice man
      Hugs to you.

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