• I think they're getting them from some archive. Some of the old answers are great.
    • Linda Joy
      I enjoy reading them as well some of those old answers crack me up! Like the one where Thrifty maid said you don't really play with a full deck do you? And the one where the question asked what can't you leave home without and somebody answered a protractor! Lol!
  • Answerbag has them on a rotation. They've been doing that for a while now questions with numbers as low as in the tens of thousands sometimes. Remember the one about the free beer where I invited Iceman and he laughed and said that question was posed 10 years ago? He doesn't like the old questions coming up and he doesn't like it when people answer them either. That's why he accused me of talking to ghosts that would never see my answers.
    • Anoname
      I did see those conversations you had with Ice Man. I'll still comment on what the "ghosts" said if they made a point that I think could use some clarification for NEW readers to stimulate growth of the discussion.
    • Linda Joy
      My sentiments exactly!
  • i have no idea how theyre getting them
  • 9-28-2017 Occasionally there is a dated post. I saw one dated 2009, and one that mentioned 2003. If you check the post # in the url, you will notice that posts before 2009 are numbered below 1,800,000 and current posts are above 3,490,000. So if you get a low # in the url, you are in fact talking to ghosts.

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