• My older sister is a PE teacher, so I've heard this said before. She was always into sports. She didn't go into that field because she lacked the ability to teach other subjects. She WANTED to be a PE teacher to help kids stay physically fit.
    • Linda Joy
      My hat is off to her! I subbed P.E. a few times and I'm amazed! I'd challenge ANYONE to be able to maintain order when you have nearly 100 kids at a time in one room! Serious props!
  • I don't agree with the first part, but when I was in school, the second part was surely true!
    • Linda Joy
      I have a serious respect for all teachers.
  • It's not entirely true as most high ranking teachers are former professionals in their fields. They basically write the books that tell others what and how to teach. P.E. Isn't really something to teach. We used to joke that it's respite for the other teachers and a breather for the kids long suffering parent! The main purpose of PE is to ensure kids are getting some physical as part of the curriculum.
    • Linda Joy
      I respect all teachers. As for PE classes, in some I learned a lot and in others we played volleyball that was it all year long so it just depends.
  • Well, I can say that some PE teachers were sadists and others seemed to have forgotten to wear their helmets too often.
    • Linda Joy
      Lol! I can understand that too! One coach slapped me across the hands with a ruler because I said I didn't like football. I also just remembered I got a 'D' in pe once! And I only got 2 'D's in my whole life! It was because I couldn't do dips. Those handlebars were way up around my ears I just couldn't get up on the machine I was too short!
  • thats true
  • It sounds good but is actually false. Not everyone who can do - can teach. Some of the worst teachers you've ever had were good at their previous job. It takes a special type of person to be able to connect and teach/train others. Such a person will not necessarily be the master in their field.
    • Linda Joy
      That's not what I said, and while there are plenty of good arguments to this quote yours is not one of them. I know you can argue better than this! C'mon man! If you insist on arguing at least give me your 'A' game! lol

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