• Really? My ultimate thrill is a fresh hot cinnamon bun with vanilla icecream and caramel topping. If someone wants to charge me the "ultimate price" for it, then I'll just try a different dessert parlour instead.
    • Boola Boo
      10 points for your answer. Sounds very yummy.
  • For a thrill - disagree. For the pearl of great price, however, agreed.
    • Linda Joy
      The quote is from Point Break have you ever seen Point Break?
    • Anoname
      No - but I've heard it was a good quality movie.
  • I just want God's will in my life, whatever it is.
  • Hmm! Depends on the thrill, French love snails and they are quite delicious!
  • 9-9-2017 I don't happen to know what an "ultimate thrill" might be. I would be thrilled if I could just plant a garden that doesn't die.

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