• No but when I was a kid there was this rumor that dried and smoked peel would get you high.
    • Linda Joy
      I heard that rumor a long time ago is it true?
    • Linda Joy
      I make smoothies out of them.
    • bostjan64
      As a qualified chemist, I can assure you that there are no psychoactive chemicals present in banana peels that could ever be extracted in practical quantities to affect a high.
    • Linda Joy
      Thank you.
  • If I'm just eating a banana no. If I'm putting it into a smoothie, then I put the skin in too.
    • Linda Joy
      I eat the bananas and put the peels in the freezer for my smoothies.
  • Do banana peels have a numbing affect? Or am I thinking of something else?
    • Linda Joy
      they don't have a numbing effect on me
    • Rick Myres
      OK I might be thinking of some other thing that does.
  • They are far far too bitter for me to tolerate.
    • Linda Joy
      I put some in my smoothies.
    • Moving Violation
      Excellent answer WHF Nov.24.2021
  • never knew ya could til i read your question and then i googled it..but i dont think id fancy it anyways
  • Wow...never knew they were edible!

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