• I keep both. I prefer to keep butter cold and tend to use it for cooking. I like margarine that is canola based. I usually keep it in the fridge too, but if I leave it out on the counter it's no big deal. Even when it's cold it spreads nicely on fresh bread and toast too for that matter.
    • Linda Joy
      I remember my mother praising Olio as it was called back in the day because it didn't have to be refrigerated. I use margarine because I can't afford butter.
    • Army Veteran
      I remember the "Oleo" term being used. Many, many moons ago...
  • Only as a kid. There's nothing like real butter. Besides margarine is hydrogenated vegetable oil which makes the fat molecules smaller than normal which has other health consequences.,,20509217,00.html and another:
    • Linda Joy
      What are those Health consequences?
    • Roaring
      Those hydrogenated oils become smaller than any naturally occurring fat and one study(recollect from memory) said these fats go. Just looked it up. Here's one,,20509217,00.html and another:
  • It's not particularly healthy to begin with as it has low nutritional value.
  • I never eat margarine...I only eat homemade cultured butter.
    • Linda Joy
      Do you make it yourself?
  • Nope, don't eat margarine. As a kid my Mom only used margarine (presumably first because it was cheaper and then because it was supposed to be more healthy than butter). As an adult it was determined that they both have exactly the same amount of calories, margarine, has hydrogenated oils and butter has cholesterol. The "evils" of the two seemed fairly equal so the final decision on going with butter is that it's WAY better.
  • i eat it sometimes
  • Far as being healthy depends on how much. I use both butter and margarine.
  • I never eat margarine. Some of the ingredients of that stuff go into making plastic - not going into my stomach. I use real butter (salted). I keep what I'm not using in the refrigerator, but the stick I use regularly I keep in a bowl on top of the microwave. There used to be an accepted belief that butter goes rancid if it sits out. I've not found this to be the case. I do have to wash the bowl I keep it in to prevent mold from forming in the nooks and crannies (not on the butter itself).

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