• To invest in mutual funds you have to first identify your need and then select the right fund to invest. You should consult a financial advisor to know the best mutual fund for 2017 as per your investment objectives and goals.
  • A very tricky question!! first you should take the little quizzes all the fund companies have online....go to Vanguard, Fidelity, and other big funds, etc. and take the 'asset allocation' quiz........this helps you determine your investing 'style'. so to speak. reason I want you to take at least THREE of these little quizzes is that you will have a more sure indication of your investing style.... No sense in looking for 'good funds' when you don't understand your own outlook on finances... then make sure you GET A NO-LOAD FUND!!! this just means they don't take a huge percentage out of each deposit.......over the years, that's giving them a lot of money!!!! and also NO SUCH THING AS THE BEST IN anything.....ALL FUNDS GO UP AND DOWN,,,,,,just like the economy. So start with the asset allocation quizzes; they'll get you on the right track.......I've been with American Century Funds (NO LOAD!!) since 1990 and love it...... So, please, do your' homework' before you part with your hard-earned money..........

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