• Boxers that hold on, not the baggy type.
  • Briefs one size up then flip the elastic over the material. (More comfortable)
  • They ain't Heines for sure!
    • Linda Joy
      Is that supposed to say Hanes? Heinz? Hiney? lol
  • Boxer briefs are the hottest on guys.
    • Linda Joy
      To me it doesn't matter so much what they're wearing. It's more about the reveal. What about you, Jess? You didn't answer for yourself!
  • just panties
  • Commando for many many years, almost half my life.
  • Briefs, low riding in a variety of colors
  • Saggy briefs so my snake can slither freely, yet no skid marks on my pants when accidents happen. :P
  • Briefs. I've worn boxers and boxer briefs over the years but went back to regular whitey tighties a few years ago.
  • I have both boxers and briefs. You?
    • Linda Joy
      Granny panties. Jk. I have underwear, I just don't usually wear them unless necessary. When I'm in a relationship I let him pick, he usually enjoys them more than I do.
    • Anonymous
      Lol granny panties, I guess I shouldn't laugh as I have tighty whities. My wife buys my underwear and she wears what id call granny panties so I guess that's why she buys me tighty whities
    • Linda Joy
      When I was in the Navy I wore teddies under my uniform because the uniform made me feel a little butch after a while and I wanted to feel more feminine underneath. Get whatever underwear you want. Get what makes you fell good!

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