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  • I had the same this morning.maybe they delete it after they answered it
    • Natz
      I even aswered your question about the sexiest bold guys and see now my answer is not showing
    • Linda Joy
      Please will you repost the answer?
    • Natz
      Will do
    • Linda Joy
      I actually saw more than one answer disappear right before my eyes at the same time! I was blocked from participating on answerbag for an entire day and they told me it had to do with trying to control the spamming on the site, spamming is still an issue I reported several of them today I think probably it has to do with that I hope all the answers will be restored.
    • Linda Joy
      And thank you for reposting your answer.
    • Natz
      Me to because now I don't know which answers are showing or not
  • not sure

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