• We apologize. We've been under a tremendous spam attack. Please see my posting about this here:
    • Linda Joy
      Thank you.
    • beaker95
      Why can't I ask or answer questions? I can only post comments. Please help. (05/05/17.)
    • beaker95
      Thanks, Dan. All is back to normal now. (05/06/17).
  • Heck, you got off easy: I was put in the penalty box. Locked up and threw away the key. hahahaha Hope they worked out all the bugs by now.
    • Linda Joy
      Me too.
    • Archie Bunker
      Same thing happened to me. I had to create a whole new profile a few months back because I never got any kind of response.
  • Beaker is missing. All his Q & A have vanished.
    • Boola Boo
      Oh no, another alien abduction and a cover up. If a space ship lands in your front yard, don't answer the door. They know where we are. ((((shiver)))))
    • Linda Joy
      Mine were too when I was put in the Box. Now all my questions have rotated off the question list unanswered. Not that it matters much my questions seldom get answers anyway.
    • beaker95
      Yep. All my Q & A have been stolen and I can only post comments, not questions or answers. Should I move planets?
  • not sure what you mean, time out for what?
    • Linda Joy
      This was quite a while back. The very first answer to this question explains it.
  • have no idea, didnt know you were in tinne out
  • Becasue the who point is to give the person a break from you, not the other way round.

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