• My first thought is Depleted Uranium. Nasty stuff. War No More!
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      It's an AB term...I was reading complaints that this is what a "troll" will do to you.. "DR" you. *shrug* I have no clue. But I really wont answer any questions by a self appointed bully with "COAT" in his name. I hate narcs. That's like a troll, just in the other direction. The kind of guy who's happy to make an excuse to be abusing people. A bully boy who wants to be thanked.
    • Roaring
      This is fascinating. Hadn't looked at it that way about the COAT's. I've never resonated with clicks in any form in any venue. Just to carry myself with the dignity and respect that i would want to be treated. I appreciate your multifaceted contribution here.

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