• Among the compounds, in alphabetical order, were:[7] Atropa belladonna (2-4 pills with every meal, for a total of 8-16 tablets a day,[15] in Doktor Koster's Antigaspills,[16] a compound also containing strychnine)[17] atropine (extract of seminal vesicles)[16] Brom-Nervacit (bromide, since August 1941 a spoonful almost every night, to counteract stimulation from methamphetamine and permit sleep)[7] caffeine chamomile cocaine and adrenaline (via eyedrops)[18] E. coli [19] enzymes Eukodal or Eukodol (trade name for oxycodone)[20] Eupaverinum (papaverine, antispasmotic)[7] Glyconorm (metformin) [7] Methamphetamine (as Pervitin and Vitamultin)[7][16] morphine Mutaflor (pills prescribed to Hitler for flatulence in 1936, the first unorthodox drug treatment from Morell; bacteria extracted from human faeces, see: E. coli)[19] oxedrine tartrate potassium bromide prophenazone (a derivative of Phenazone) proteins and lipids derived from animal tissues and fats sodium barbitone strychnine[17] sulfonamide testosterone vitamins
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