• It is a little unnerving. I had someone recognize me. call me by name and say the name of a bar I'd been to and asked me did I remember him, and I didn't know the guy. Come to find out he was a friend of a friend that I went to the bar with and happened to sit down at the same table with us but I didn't know him nor did I remember him. I also had another incident where someone programmed the DOS prompt at the computer I usually used on a daily basis to say hi Linda and I never did find out who did that. I also have a lot of patrons who've recognized me from work, and students who've seen me at Walmart and tell me I subbed their class. When you have to learn 20 new names a day over 12 grades and a dozen different schools it's difficult to remember everyone.
    • newyorknewyork
      Those are all personal encounters with people who have met you. I was called by name by someone who never met me as part of a marketing strategy by a large corporation. He got a signal that I was at a teller window, looked up some deets, & intercepted me as I left. That just seemed so weird.

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