• A month.
    • beaker95
      Seems longer. (smirks to himself and itches ear-lobe).
    • Linda Joy
      So how long have you been here Baker?
    • beaker95
      She wore a simple, purple, long-sleeved turtle-neck, but streaks of white across her chest. Flour perhaps? He was distracted and felt the need to volunteer for clean-up duty.
    • Linda Joy
      Dude, it's 72 degrees out at 8 p.m. why would I be wearing a turtleneck and long sleeves? Clean up duty refers to the kitchen, not the cook! You still thinking about my cobbler, or has this been here a while?
    • BinkyBell
      Well i was on Answerbag for long but i wasn't logging on for a while and my account was removed ... today i've registered a new account and that means i have started all over AGAIN...
  • I joined the original Answerbag in 2007...I can't remember when (I think it was last October) I joined Answerbag II.
  • I was on the old Answerbag for over seven years. I joined this new version of it when it started up again last October.
  • 2 days
  • I joined the new Answerbag when it was newly launched. I was on the original Answerbag for four years (2011-2015).
    • Azlotto
      I remember you. : )
    • Queen Chelsea
      I remember both of you :)
    • Azlotto
      I remember you, Queen Chelsea...Nice to see you.
    • Wakko
      Bootsie only came back here because she got kicked off answermug. :P
    • Linda Joy
      What for?
    • Wakko
      To hear JA tell it, Bootsie was too opinionated, condescending, and argumentative so JA booted her. xD
  • On this new Answerbag, about two months. I was on the old site under a different name in 2011. I didn't stay long on the old site, there was too much drama going on so I dropped out after about three months.
  • I don't remember when I joined the old AB but it was around 2007. I joined the new AB over a year ago. I miss the old AB as it was a lot more fun then now. We had friends and talked quite often in emails and phone calls. Today it seems too many just want to be #1 posting silly and stupid questions just to up their score. There isn't the comarodery (sp) there was on the old AB
    • Linda Joy
      I wish they'd do away with the points altogether. I like to chat with my friends on here, but most people don't have as much free time as I do. But that's ok. I enjoy them all the same.
    • Linda Joy
      And at least you still have your answer bag! Msn's Q&A closed down altogether! I miss it.
    • Rose Mystery
      the navigation is easy to use and i see less trolls. who is the owner now of answerbag now that its relaunched?
    • Linda Joy
      I don't know.
  • was member of answerbag original back in 2009 and left 2011. Join this answerbag 2 the other day. I'm under a different name and avatar now.
    • Linda Joy
      For the sake of the old AB'ers who were you before? I've been here almost two months now
    • Rose Mystery
      (laughing) i was known as Lynn i found the link to this one in a group that was formed on another site.
    • Linda Joy
      I asked on Facebook what a good question and answer site was since Q&A had closed down and one of my old Q&A buddies recommended this site and one other one and I came here.
    • Rose Mystery
      i figured that was you. i didnt want to jump to conclusions though.
    • Thinker
      Linda, I was under two names on the old AB. Thinker and gringo 27. I would often play one off the other. it was fun and did no harm. One I remember was Elizabeth as I recall. we became good friends on and off AB. Never met her in person but I have hundreds of photos of her from email correspondence. She later had cancer. I have not heard from her for over a year now. I have emailed her many times. I am afraid she is gone. She was a beautiful woman and came to love her. Elizabeth was her AB name but not her real name.
    • Linda Joy
      "i figured that was you."? Were you on MSN Q&A?
    • Wakko
      I remember Elizabeth. She was a sweetheart.
  • maybe 10+ years... or longer. Can't really remember.
  • the original answerbag 5or 6 years this one on and off for a few months
    • Wakko
      No, you're not the original Baba. You answer nothing like him.
  • I was on the original AB many years ago with different name/avatar. Been on the new one since last October. I liked the points on the old one and wish they'd bring it back here.
    • Wakko
      I remember the face, not the name. We didn't get along as I remember.
  • Since 2012-2015. When AB closed down, I went back to Yahoo Answers and Fluther. But now that this website is active again, I decided to give this new version a try.
  • I was on the old AB for a few years between 2009 to 2012 or so. Been on this one for maybe two months. 9/12/17
  • Hardly a week !
  • yrs, cant remember exactly
  • 9-12-2017 Your question is meaningless. To me, the decade of the 70s was last month, the decade of the 90s was last week, and the entire 21st century was yesterday. I have sox that are older than Answerbag.
  • Apr 4, 2003 - Aug 12, 2010
  • I answered this question last November of 2017 in my answer above when I first signed up on the new AB. To answer this question again on 10/4/18, I have been on the new AB for nearly a year. I tend to lose my rhythm when I get placed in the penalty box. Either way, I find myself back on AB were I first started 6 years ago asking and answering questions online.
  • have no idea, didnt keep track of it
  • About 3 or 4 weeks I guess. I've been on Yahoo Answers a few years.
  • i guess 2 months
  • Just a day or so
  • Late to the party. I was on the old site for maybe three or four years before it vanished unexpectedly. I just started a new account here, though, because I either forgot my old password or my old account didn't make the transition. Cool to see a few familiar names in the answers to this, though.
  • Since 2016...
  • Sometimes, it seems like forever. But, it prolly been a few years.
  • Around 10 years, not quite sure.
  • Joined Now \m/
  • 10 weeks
  • On this AB about 1 year it feels like 10 as I'm bored after about 13seconds The old AB about 7 years but if you take off all the time I was locked up in the Penalty Box then about only 18 months in participating
    • Linda Joy
      Are you Beaker, too?
  • I don't remember when I joined the old AB, but I was on it for a few years, and was on it the very moment we were all thanked for our patronage. I stayed in PB as much as Chelsea, you know, blue waffle infractions and such. :P I just came back here maybe a month or 2 ago.
  • 4 months
  • Since the caveman days. I was on the old AB for years and joined something else when they rolled out the new one. Just rejoined a couple days ago I guess.
  • cant rernernber
  • About a week.

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