• That's what they say. But I'm not young enough to have bought any sunblock. I always put on tanning oil to accelerate the process, not block it. I used to go from lily white to Jamaican brown every May, to impress the ladies with my shirtless torso, my gleaming white teeth and healthy bronzed skin, and flowing hair... my exuberant youthful anti-authoritarian attitude, my guitar playing, my... *pulls at collar* It's getting a little warm in here. (I think I'm falling in love with me all over again.) (Ah, but who wouldn't!
    • beaker95
      Thinking about your naked, tanned body makes me very gay. I mean happy. And gay.
  • Yes, but it's still the best way to get vitamin D.
    • beaker95
      Not if you live at the North Pole and have an endless supply of vitamin D tablets.
    • Linda Joy
      Theoretically I have an endless supply of vitamin D tablets and it's still better for me to go outside in the sun. But I live in sunny Alabama.
  • Hmm! We all must die, one way or another!
  • No the cause is before any sun exposure

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