• First off, you should apologize to your dad regardless if he is or not. The fact he loves you is enough to embrace him. As for who your father might be? Try these 4 things 1.Search for them on a people search engine website: is a good one. 2.Ask your adoptive parents for info. 3.Go online and register your info in adoption reunion registries. 4.Contact the adoption agency for help. Also there are 2 websites Open Adoption Records - Find Your Real Parents -‎‎ (888) 965-6696 Find Birth Parents - We Connect People Every Day -‎
  • Your mom is a filthy trollup; he aint ur daddy and you will never know who. She would spread'em for a dimebag and a slap on the face she liked being slapped.. i felt uncomfortable doing it honestly. I hope you don't end up like her but all women do. And if your dad was such a cuck to let the football team gangbang... thems rules.. he has to keep the baby. You realize you ruined your parents lives right? All their dreams were destroyed because of you. They never wanted you and nobody ever will, just like mommy

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