• Why would anyone not like The Beatles and The Zombies and all those groovy bands that gave us joy?
    • CosmicWunderkind
    • CosmicWunderkind
      Herman's Hermits started it all
  • The old fashioned folk at the time.
    • CosmicWunderkind
      The ones into Lawrence Well I suppose
  • 4-2-2017 The Beatles were ok until they started doing drugs. At one time it seemed that even American bands couldn't be successful if they didn't sing with a British accent. And I just got tired of PBS paying American money to feature English shows.
    • Bootsiebaby
      I like soul music myself, so most of the singers I like are from the USA. I am British myself and there are lots of us who love American music (my parents both love country and western music which is also from the USA), so I don't see why Americans shouldn't like British music.
  • The ones who didn't buy the Beatles records in the 1960s, I should imagine. I don't know exactly how many there were. On the other hand, a large number of Americans on the old Answerbag were not at all fond of the British Invasion on that site, of which I was one of the leading members.
  • Invasion?? We beat the damn British once, we'll beat them again!
  • The ones on the original Answerbag. You know, Shunyata, Wellduh & all that lot.

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