• That's dependent on the year of his Corvette. : )
    • beaker95
      I drive a Robin Reliant.....
    • Ice man
      Hahaha They handled like a dream in a sharp corner !! I didn't think there were any left. : )
    • beaker95
      My dreams seldom take sharp corners.....more like gentle slopes, covered in moss and goat crap.....
  • No. But there is a finite amount of blood available between the two.
  • I don't think so.
  • Bigger penis / smaller brain. (There are exceptions to that rule though. For instance, sock puppets fall under a completely different set of rules *blink* .. *blink*
    • beaker95
      I wish your sock puppet would fall under a train.....
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      Well, I wasn't going to admit this, but I'm not actually a sock puppet. In that picture, you're not seeing me, you're seeing sort of like a tea cozy, for the johnson. So now that I told you that, every time you see my picture now, you'll be seeing it a whole new way! *evil laugh*
    • we are dough 68
      The mouth reminds me of a vagina.
    • beaker95
      How do you know what a vagina looks like?

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