• I doubt it very much. I would say the more likely answer is that it is a trick of the mind.
  • I guess it's possible, but the odds of it happening are very tiny!
  • Nothing is exactlly the same; however, you can experience a dream with all the elements being similiar to each other, and that within its self would be awesome. Kind of like if you take a trip with someone and it turnsout to be the best trip you have taken, and the other has taken in your lives.
  • anything is possible, but this is extremely unlikely. you may have similar dreams if you went to sleep with the same things running through your head, but everyone has different thought processes. i agree with beavis-haha
  • There is something to be said for phycical connections in helping the dream time.
  • A rare possibility!
  • It wasn't my partner, but my sister. I was 12, she, 15. We dreamed from "each of our perspectives!" It was where we had to leave the house fast. I viewed it from the passenger side, and she from the driver's. We were so weirded out, that we got our parents, and wrote on paper details that we hadn't discussed. They weren't exact, but definitely close enough to amaze all of us.
  • I know a mother and son who used to share the same dream. He used to get frustrated because she could not read his thoughts when awake.
  • Anythings possible. But I'd like to know what the dream was about. Is it something you both have been talking about a lot lately? Another question is. Is it a subject you both had been studying about? And the last question is. Do you two sleep with a TV or radio playing. For I think any kinds of background sounds, may cause one to dream of them....Just a thought..........Plus 5 for your question. ;-)

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