• Im not a kid or anything but i will say this. my dream would be to own a tech company, leaders in renewable energy (green energies) like solar and studies into energy via algae. Also i want this place to be a marvel of herbal remedies, shoving the western medicine agenda on its heels to prove herbs can do far more than a strange concoction of chemicals for treatments. I want to implement a Technocracy government that is lead by minds who are smart enough to handle the worlds problems, not lead by greed or monetary corruption, it would be a place where science and human innovation and well being takes top priority. Such a place doesnt exist. whats more, i would like to buy an island and create a green utopia there, green energy, incredible cuisines from the most natural sources of food. Im literally trying to get rid of our bizarre habits and consumption people in america and around the world abuse every day. I want to have a center for human progression, a city, or state, or country independent from the greed the world thrives on, only to introduce a new beginning of innovation and scientific understnading that can only happen with the lack of limitations the world puts on green energy and food that is organic. I would be very strong against foreign chemicals used in pesticides, herbicides, and similar deterrents that damage our ecosystem more than we could imagine. I would put a stand against Gas and Petrol use. My vision is of the future. We are held back generation after generation with the greed of oil mongers and profiteers of war. I hope to bring the world to their knees, not by force but by understanding and giving, showing them a new way to live far better than they could have every imagined.
    • Ice man
      You should run for president. ; )
    • Mr Floppy
      Are you Donald Trump's kid?
    • rooruu
      How would you keep that Nation defended? Sounds like all the citizens would be too busy worrying about any thing outside all that wonderful stuff being kept constant..
  • A Toys-R-Us adult.
    • Ice man
      A man of my own heart. I too believe we should have a yard full of "big boy" toys to play with.
  • An adult....
    • Ice man
      I would have said "old", but that's like potatoes or potatoes and tomatoes or tomatoes. lol
    • beaker95
      Old is the new must-have....
    • Ice man
      My new girlfriends agrees... and I'm grateful. ; )
    • beaker95
      Be careful at your age....that heart sure ain't gettin' any younger.....
    • Ice man
      No, but the plumbing still works great...
    • beaker95
      Only until you start springing leaks all around the trailer.....
  • Dream was to be on the stock exchange, did get there from some other venue, however they let me go a while ago. So now the answer is not to grow old.
  • Dictator. No wait, rock star/dictator. Oh, and harem owner. Yea, and also I want to be a dick. I want people to say of me, "That guy's a real dick." You know why? Me neither. No, it's because dicks have all the money and power over everyone else. (They do, otherwise no one would have any real reason to resent them.) So I want to be a real dick. A DICK-TATOR, you might say. Yea. (..Either that or a brain surgeon, or soda jerk. I'm actually undecided, and waiting till I get a little older to see.)
    • Ice man
      That's ok, I thought "dick-tator" was a venereal disease.... just say'n ...
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      lol. Sounds painful!
    • Mr Floppy
      Oh!!!! Dick taters. YOWCH!
    • mushroom
      Does a "soda jerk" shake the unrefrigerated bottles before handing them to you?
  • I'm never going to grow up.

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