• 3-21-2017 You can't get straight answers because nobody knows what the words mean. "Drug" is variously defined, usually in terms of affecting bodily functions and/or resisting some disease, but often a legal distinction having nothing to do with biological effect. "Ethical" is defined as a synonym for "moral", but most people think it is not supposed to be. "Moral" is the adjective form of "more" (pronounced "mor-ay") which is any rule of behavior adopted by the people in a particular area. So you have three holes in the page. Besides that, your question has three possible answers, depending on whether you meant a medical, social, or legal basis for the answer.
  • Ethics. Ethics are about what's right and wrong. Morals are a personal choice. The Ethical person knows what's right and wrong, the moral one would choose not to make the unethical choice. However Jewels has a good point about defining drugs. Caffiene is a drug. An aspirin is a drug. One loose definition online says: "A drug is any substance that causes a change in an organism's physiology or psychology when consumed." According to this definition a cell phone, computer game, or even listening to music or crocheting could be considered a drug.

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