• He probably does not know you like him. Tell him about your dream and he will get the message. PS-You can add your spin on the dream, too.
  • That's about as cliche as telling him you're a virgin to make him want sex with you! What if he doesn't like you like that? Are you willing to risk that awkwardness? What if he never liked you like that but since you told him you had a dream about him and eluded that it was about sex, he decided to try and bed you anyway, even though he really doesn't much care about you, since you seem up for it? What if it encourages him to use you and throw you away like a snot filled tissue? Is that the kind of thing you're up for? All because you thought it would be 'sexy'? I think it would be better for you to tell him up front you like him and see how he reacts. There's no need to bring sex up unless/until you're absolutely positive he likes you... more than a lot! But I'm an old woman with outdated ideas and kids nowadays give bj's like good night kisses. If that's what your values/conscience tell you is ok and you really don't care if you get a reputation of knockin' boots and then going your separate ways then maybe my advice isn't for you.

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