• Enjoy : )
    • Linda Joy
      I tried the link and got an error I've never gotten before: "Fastly error: unknown domain: Please check that this domain has been added to a service. Details: cache-atl6220-ATL"
  • Only Our Glorious Leader is allowed the magnificent coiffeurication bestowed upon great and all-powerful demi-Gods.....
    • Ice man
      I guess their fingers never break through the toilet paper either, eh ?
    • beaker95
      They obviously get some Malaysian flunky to do the wiping for them.....
    • Ice man
      Of course you're right. What the hell was I thinking !?!
    • beaker95
      I am scared to enter your brain....or any other part of your lithe, taut, muscular body....
  • I think Kim Jong Un should get a Trump haircut! Hahaha! I didn't know the guy was only 5'7" Gives new meaning to the phrase "Shawty get low" We got a whole different kind of 'getting low' going on with that guy! Haha. Now imagine him with a Trump cut gettin' low on the dance flo! OMGosh, politics can be fun again!
  • The cutest haircut I saw was a Mohawk fade on a 5-year-old. I say if you're five, go for it.
  • I think Biden should get a Jim Carrey 'Dumb and Dumber' haircut. Firstly, to conceal some of that massive forehead. Secondly so he can more look like what he is.

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