• In my personal experience when one sets one's sights on multiple goals, all at once, the experience in convoluted and none of the goals are ever achieved. Achieving any goal is generally much harder and takes much longer than it seems like it would. College: after you have completed roughly half the credits to graduate (approx. 2 years into a 4 year degree), the school you attend for the last 2 years will frequently not accept credits from other schools. Presumably they want you to attend classes in their school to give you a degree from their school. If you go back for other degrees (4 year degrees) you can usually get those in 2 years (each) because you already completed your general education classes.
  • Collage? Are you sure you don't mean "college"? You won't get there if you can't tell the difference between those two totally unrelated words that are not even pronounced the same.
    • Myang
      common sense
  • Maybe online?
  • enroll in online educations while you're currently studying in the school you want and do online jobs for side incomes.

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