• I like children. they are so lovely
  • Well, my gf and I already have three together and I love them more than life itself. We had not planned on the first two (boys) and they were the best surprise I could have ever asked for. The third (girl) was planned and she was the most beautiful gift my gf ever gave me. I can't imagine my life without them. They started as surprises and ended up as blessings.
  • Perhaps more important to me now that I no longer can than when I could. I always assumed I would but it never happened.
  • i wouldve liked to have had them but i never got married
  • Good question. To many women they believe they must fulfill their destiny in life to have children. Their problem is once the child arrives and the hoopla dies down the woman now a mother settles into the humdrum of caring for a child they soon deside they do not really want after all. They soon pack the infant off to a daycare who for a price raise the child for the mother. I know of an exact case of this. The mother was back at work in a month after having her child because she was "bored to death" sitting at home taking care of her child. I have often wondered how that child is today as they would be around 36 years old. Young people think they have fallen in love and get married. Too often they soon discover they were in "lust" and not love often with the girl now pregnant. Many children are raised in single parent homes now. I am all for having children. they are a blessing from the Lord God. As humans we are responsible to give those children a good and proper home. That doesn't mean the home has to be rich, most aren't, but the children must be loved and cared for by parents whom are responsible for their care. Children are not brought into this world as throw-away-play-things!
    • Linda Joy
      Excuse me, wasn't there a father involved in this scenario? Your comment is extremely biased and unfair.
    • Thinker
      Yes, of course there was a father involved, but in the case of children the father often leaves caring for the children to the mother which is also not good. All who want to get married need to think about it all long and hard. No to get married with a hard on.

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