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  • Not sure that I understand the problem. If you still have feelings for this gal, you've been given something that very few of us ever get - a second chance. What kind of a second chance depends on what kind of a "history" you had with this girl and how things ended. (You did not provide nearly enough detail to even begin to answer that question.) As to whether or not you still have feelings for this girl - only you can answer that question. The only thing I would say is figure out how you feel and if you still think you want a relationship with her then talk to the gal. Stop with the stupid games and tell her how you missed her when she was with her ex and you want to try to build something with her if she is ready. (If her break-up with her ex was recent, tell her you are not pressuring her and will give her the time she needs to sort out her feelings, making it clear that you care for her and want to be there for her if she'll have you.) If you are not sure how you feel or you don't care, then do the decent thing and leave her alone. Decide if this is about her or about how she may have injured your ego. I suspect - you sound like a decent fellow, at least as much as one can judge from so little information - that you do care about her. If that is the case then playing coy and "sending signals" and all the rest is wasted time, and you've already lost a lot of time you could have spent with her. Be kind, be understanding and listen to her feelings, It all sounds trite and easy, but it is not. Take it from a guy who has found the love of his life, you'll regret it if you miss this opportunity. Other than that, I don't see that you have a problem - other than it is all on you. Best of luck.
  • maybe you should ask her out before some other guy does
  • be there to support her and when the time is right she should come back to you

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