• When I am with my mother and sister, fairly affectionate. Kisses and hugs. With my father and brothers, very rarely a hug. Mostly I do what brothers do - crack jokes, ask about the family, work, etc. I don't live close to any of my family - my sister is the closest, about 2 hours away. I typically don't call very often - though I see some or all of them around the big holidays: Christmas, Easter Sunday and Thanksgiving. (I also have to split that time with my gfd's family - her parents also live about two hours away, in the opposite direction from my sister. So, the big holidays tend to be VERY busy. The other holidays may or may not be spent with members of my family. I almost never see my parents or brothers for, say, Independence Day for example, though I sometimes see my sister.) With the exception of my sister - who says it a lot - the words "I love you" are not in our conversations too often unless we are dealing with some crisis or other. (By contrast, I probably tell my gf ever hour on the hour that I love her.) It is hard to tell how much of this is a result of having most of the family live at some distance and being scattered all over the country. My parents love to see my kids, and they might more often if we didn't live ten hours away. Sum it all up - and with no scale by which to judge - I would say that we are a close but not demonstrative family. We care about each other and try to stay in touch with family news without being intrusive, and we all live pretty active lives that keep us busy, so we get together without running each other into the ground to make it happen, and we give ourselves a fair amount of privacy.
  • that was a very detailed answer looking forward to other peoples anwser
  • My family and I have always been very affectionate. We grew up kissing our parents and hugging each other, to us its not big deal. I still kiss my dad good bye on the lips and I do the same with my kids.
    • Anonymous1888
      awww that's so cool my family is the same way

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