• I had a cat that would eat cooked hamburger. One day I was half way through my lunch when someone was banging on my door, so I left the table to answer it. When I got back the cat was on top of the table munching on my hamburger. She liked human food, so after that I'd put a few small pieces of burger in her bowl, and she in return, would leave me the occasional mouse at the back door. I wouldn't recommend fries though, too much greasy stuff gives them diarrhea and you won't like the clean up job that follows. : )
    • AlyssaPaula
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      Oh so YOU'RE the guy that posted that first cheeseburger cat photo! ..... ...................
    • Ice man
      I guess I'm busted again. Damn it, that's the third time today .... now I'll have to go straight to bed with no supper .... : )
  • Yes they can but they don't like most of it. Depends upon the flavors :D
  • My cat can haz green beans, carrots, and soup straight from the can. (He loves marshmallows too, but I had to take those away., so he doesnt get a toothache.) But he wont eat anything but fish. No chicken, no beef, turkey, ham, nope nope....just fish. ...and marshmallows if he could get a hold of any.
    • Ice man
      Kind of makes you wonder who these mysterious creatures were in a previous life., eh ?

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