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  • You need to learn to pace yourself during sex. Which men mostly do from experience. When sex is still a novelty for you then you become extremely captivated by doing it so that your body rushes to orgasm. So you need to calm your mind so you are not thinking about it and focusing on it as much but can relax more while you are doing it and enjoy the feeling while remaining in control of your response. Which is why many men think of neutral and non-sexual things like taxes and number and one man once told me a rowboat on a lake during in order to calm their minds so they don't get too hot and lose control. Every time if you practice to make it last longer than eventually you will be able to go longer and longer. Which is why men need to develop endurance and women sensitivity.
  • Meet physical trainer who will guide you some specif exercise which helps to improve sexual activity. There are some good exercise for men to treat impotency better.

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