• Yes it would be great for teens and young people. Personally it makes no difference.You can't pay me to go to a movie around here.
    • Ice man
      Thanks I agree...
  • Back in those days they didn't take 20 minutes showing you promotional stuff and previews AND the newsreel and cartoons came in between two full length movies. I'm glad they don't do it anymore.
    • Ice man
      You must be older than me, because I definitely remember them before the beginning of the movie, while late coming people were still lined up getting popcorn and a drink, before getting seated in the theater. The only time I remember any cartoon or newsreel between features , was at the outdoor
  • 8-29-2017 Somebody still goes to theaters for movies? I went to see Dune in 1985 and in 2002 I got taken to see something about a guy named Dildo Baggins. That was so dark that I couldn't enjoy the show. Later I found out that happens because projectors use digital lenses to enforce copyrights, and if a movie is not copyrighted then the tech is supposed to take off the lens. So if he doesn't take it off, then you get to watch a dark movie. I have not gone to a theater since then. What these "digital rights" loonies can't understand is that the enforcement has to be turned off when it does not apply. And I am not buying another ticket until they get that into their programs.

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