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  • You have stumbled across the right place. Some time back we were asked to post our concerns here under the "Answerbag category" and we were told that the admin would monitor it. For the most part I would say it has worked, but sometimes the answers are slow in coming, if at all. They don't always reply or acknowledge the posts (some have been very rude, some have been just plain stupid) , so I don't blame the admin for being tight lipped although it has been frustrating at times. I am of the belief that they do monitor the category and take note, because reasonable concerns have been looked after one by one, slowly but surely. The question of how to contact the admin has been asked many times before. I'm confident that one day we will see such a feature.
    • iwnit
      Ice man: thank you very much, this is very helpful.
    • Ice man
      You are very welcome. Here'a a link to another Q that you might like to look at my answers.
    • iwnit
      @Ice man: thank you, I had also given an answer to that other question.
  • Yes, I wish there was an Administrator to report to but there seems not to be one?

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