• Was being pestered by some Sargent at one point while I was in the Marine Corps. He got on my back so much that one night I dreamed I killed him with my E-Tool (that's a shovel for non-military people). Then came the problem of hiding the body. After burying the body he was noticed missing at roll call. They suspected foul play and immediately started looking for where a body might be. The first thing they decided to do was to look for recently dug up dirt in case he was buried. I had to rush ahead of the search party, dig him back up and find another way of disposeing of the body. I decided to dump it in the lake next because the water would hide the odor. Then when the search party returned without finding the body the man in charge thought as I had and ordered the water to be dragged. I had put the body in a shallow section so I was able to again beat the searchers to the spot and hid it in another place. No matter where I put the body it seemed that was where they were going to search. Eventually I got it hid where it would take a long time to find. Then the family of the missing Sargent came to thank the searchers for their efforts. Apparently, in this dream, he had a very young little brother. He had always looked up to his military older sibling and was heartbroken over his disappearance. For some reason he decided to make me his best friend and looked up at me with "puppy dog" eyes and said,"Do you think they'll ever find my brother?" He was looking to me for comforting not knowing I was the one who had killed "his hero" brother. That tore me up inside - then I woke up. I was immediately over being upset with that Sargent and knew I could never kill unless it was in defence of my Country or to protect others. There was no escapeing my crime in my dream. Even if you could dispose of the body you couldn't escape your own conscious.
  • I'm gonna plead the Fifth.

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