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  • Yes. My hubby and I are deeply in love and enjoy each other on a spiritual, emotional and physical level. We know we know we will not find that connection with others, so when we do play with others there is no jealousy. In fact we take pleasure in the pleasure the other is feeling.
    • officegirl
      I think that's great you have it so well worked out. Though I cannot claim as high a level of bonding between us we are best friends and would not even consider marriage to anyone else. Still some jealousy is there - and I was never really jealous before I had a husband. But I will think to myself OK she is sexier than I am, has a better personality, better figure, nicer hair, is more fun etc. so he would rather be with her - even though I know it is not true. And I am sure my husband feels some as well though he never talks about it. With the result that we mostly play with others separately or separate bedrooms. I want him to enjoy other women as I do men but don't think I am able to say that I take pleasure in his pleasure with others. Sometimes for months he does not have sex with me so mostly it is other men being with me.
    • Beach_Niki
      Thanks, what it really comes down to is that it doesn't matter how sexy another girl is, or how tight her ass is or how big his cock is, they will never have what my hubby and I have and that is experience. We share a life , a house, and kids, no one else can compete with that, which is why we are not worried about a little thing like jealousy. We communicate openly and have no secrets from each other.
  • Yes. I won't say that it is not hard sometimes and that I get more than a bit jealous, but I love her with all my heart and I want her to have her needs met. In truth, we were much more adventurous in the first years we were together. I watched her have sex with some other guys - and in fairness she watched me have sex with other women, and for a while with a guy --and it was her idea! (As I have also mentioned before, she even hired a prostitute for me for my birthday.) It was kind of hard to think of her being sexually pleased by another man, but I realized that making her sexually satisfied was an important part of making her happy. So, I could be selfish about my feelings, or control my feelings for her happiness. I chose the latter course and underpinning it for both of us is that we deeply love and trust each other. (We always made it a point to tell one another what we were thinking and wanted to do. No surprises.) That love has grown over time and we don't really look for sex outside of our own relationship so much, anymore - or if we do, it is something like a threesome with someone we already know. We found that we make us happier than anyone else. I don't know if you saw, my gf wrote me a note on this site. The kind of love and kindness she has shown - and expressed in that note - is not something that you take for granted or that can be easily washed away. We love each other and I trust her - but that very love has made us want to be more with each other. It can be fun to have a fling, but we have found that it is not as emotionally satisfying, Also, in fairness, it may be that to be the parents of three small children is to see in new ways. We want them to have, as much as possible, a happy and traditional household and that can be hard to do - not impossible, but difficult - when the bedroom door is a revolving door. That all said, if my gf wanted to have sex with another man, I won't lie - it would hurt a bit. It would hurt my male ego. It would hurt my feelings, but you make sacrifices for the people you love - and I love her more than life itself - so I would not object.
    • officegirl
      Sounds good. Thank you.

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